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The restaurant Aquila Nigra is situated in the hearth of the old city centre, in the medieval alley Bonacolsi, which stretches between the Palazzo dei Castiglioni and Ca' degli Uberti and it comes out in the historic Sordello square with its typical Gongaza style.
The black eagle (Aquila Nigra) was the symbol of this quarter, where this old building, the Palazzo delle Tre Cappe, is still situated. This is the oldest quarter of the city, on the boundaries of the Insula Sacra, next to the cathedral and with a wonderful view of Palazzo Ducale.

On the walls of the rooms there are important frescoes with vegetal motifs and the blazons of the Gonzaga family. In one of these wide rooms there is a great red marble chimney. Paintings and the furniture give a fine elegance and a warm atmosphere.

The choice of this historic location wasn't a coincidence, but it is the result of a long courting of Mr. Giorgio Bini and his wife Vera Caffini. It began in the 1984 when they needed a bigger and more modern location for the Vera's family restaurant